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Steve Tenute Heater Cap Gutter CapSteve Tenute, patent holder of Gutter Cap and Heater Cap, first started installing gutter protection in the early 1990s with a competitors product. Despite selling a large volume during his first months, he abandoned the product due to numerous service issues involving too thin gauge material and clumsy brackets.

Steve didn't give up on gutter protection. He knew that there was a strong need for a good product. He started to develop a design on his own and in 1993 his product was granted patent pending status.

Since 1993, he has installed over 1.5 million feet in just the Chicago area alone. Several million feet of Gutter Cap has been installed across the country by a network of exclusive dealers.

Over the years, he has made some refinements including thicker gauge aluminum alloy and recently he has added a roof granule finish to his newest product, Gutter Cap Stone Coat.

In the Chicago area, ice is a major concern. Steve developed an ice protection system, Heater Cap, that would safely heat the gutters to keep them free flowing and minimize the hazards and damage from ice formation on the gutters. This system was patented in 1995.

Steve has focused on being the best in the industry. Having an effective product was not enough. He founded a true factory installation certification center in Chicago in order to raise the standards on Gutter Cap installation and minimize service issues on customer's homes.

Gutter Cap Inc. is committed to a quality product and program. The payoff is in more dealers wanting to carry the product and growing consumer awareness that this is one of the best gutter protection systems available.

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